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10 Minutes Before the LEED AP Exam – What to NOT Do

Right before you take your exam, after you sit down at your LEED exam Prometric testing facility, you will be given 10 minutes to do a quick tutorial on how to use the testing software and program. Basically – I call it the “how to use a mouse” or “how to breath tutorial.” (Although it does teach you really quickly how to “mark” your questions so you can come back to them later, which is helpful, so don’t just blindly click through it).

I breezed through it in about 45 seconds and had the remaining 9:15 to do whatever. You do have the option to skip this time and start your test, but you should definitely use the remaining time to your advantage. If allowed to (some Prometric exam facilities do not allow this), use your pencil and 2 pieces of scratch paper to write stuff down, but don’t do what I did.

What did I do?

  • First, I wrote down a chart which organized the credits, which was good. Quick, easy and informative.
  • Then this is where I went wrong. I attempted to write down each and every single credit with points about each one so I could easily follow my chart throughout the test. I ended up not even using 95% of the stuff I wrote down or even referring to the chart for most of the questions. I already knew ABOUT the credits that were being asked – so this ended up being a total waste of time for me. It probably hurt me instead because I was so worried about getting all of the credits on this little piece of scratch paper within the time limit – and that clock is counting down right in front of you , so it can be a little stressful.
  • The sad part was that I actually practiced this the night before until I could do it within 10 minutes. All of that practice was good because it actually helped me memorize the credits and their main points in a neat order – but everything I wrote down, I already knew like the back of my hand.

What do I recommend to do instead?

  • Write down helpful quick charts that you’ve found or made up yourself.
  • Write down anything you know that you have been having trouble with.
    -Everyone will have a few things that, no matter how many times you go through your study material, you always end up forgetting for some reason. Know what these are going into the test and write them down during this time so when you DO forget them (like you always do) you’ll have them right there.

Everyone’s brain dump will be a little different, but this method should be easy to do within the 10 minute mark before you start your test. Don’t stress out (like me) about this pre-test brain dump of yours. It’s mainly used as a tactic to help you when you have brain-farts during the test.


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  1. Awesome! THIS was what I was waiting for. If I think of anything to write down tonight, I’ll jot it down, but you pretty much covered all the bases!

    Thanks, Pat!

  2. Pat,

    Thanks again for this site! I practiced my version of the pre-test dump on and off for a couple of hours before my test today… passed with a 188!! Thanks to your reccomendations of WIMSEE and ASHRAE brain dumps, as well as getting practice with the tests, I felt good going in, and even better coming out! I will be reccomending your site to all my co-workers… if I can study hard for 2 weeks and pass that should light a fire under them!

  3. Wow!!! Excellent score Amber! I’m glad I wrote that pre-test braindump post before you took the test. Thanks again for the comment about it on the other post. 2 weeks, I’m jealous. It took me a little longer. Awesome job =)

  4. Hey guyz,

    I am giving my 2nd re-test tomo. I got 164/170 on my 1st exam. I think I have put my 100% this time. The cause of my failure is:

    1) Lack of efforts
    2) Brainfreeze during the actual test

    Having said this, I shall write another comment tomorrow after my exam to let you guyz know how I did.

    I will be following brain-dump this time (Which I did not on my 1st exam).


  5. Nick! Good luck man! Let us know how you did!

  6. Thanks Pat for this great website. I just passed the LEED Canada NC 1.0 exam yesterday with 177. The ASHRAE charts are really helpful.

  7. Pat,
    Thanks for your website! it helped a great deal and i just wanted you to know that. Passed the test and got a 189! It took me a good 4 weeks to study. I agree on not writing all the credits down if you’ve already memorized them. it took me a good 10 minutes to write them all down, as fast as i could, but ended up referring to my piece of paper just once!

  8. I guess all the different Prometric testing facilities have different policies. I took the exam last month at a facility in the Houston, TX area. I was told by the testing moderator that if they saw me writing anything down during the 10 minute “tutorial” that I would be removed from the room and automatically fail the exam. Who knows if they would have actually done anything, but I was too scared to try!!

    I passed with a 182….

  9. Pat,
    Thank you for the great website and tips.
    I passed the exam today with a 186. After I complete my study last night, I reviewed your “brain dump” sheet, and it was very very helpful. Also, takes my two thumbs up, as well. The questions were great to prepare me for what to expect on the real test (in terms of detail and nit-picking)

  10. I am and architect and planner with a full-time job and kids. I planning to take the LEED- NC exam in a month; any advice on where to begin, fastest and simplest way of starting (workshop, or the online test preparation or flash cards, etc); how many hours of study everyday, etc

    This blog is great and resourceful, look forward to hear back from the experienced folks!

  11. Anyone wanting to sell any used study material for LEED-NC?

  12. How, it seems like you have a lot on your plate, Rasika. I think if you spend a couple of hours each day going over the material (the exam is almost purely memorization), you’ll get it down, with maybe a few late nights here and there.

    I haven’t personally used the LEED online class, but I heard it was pretty good for those who are just starting out, and it only takes 7 hours, which you can complete in pieces at your own pace.

    You can also start here at, and go through each of the credit summaries on the table of contents and start to memorize each one of those as much as possible.

    I’ve done a workshop before, but didn’t find it useful. I felt like it was just reiterating everything I had read from the LEED Reference Guide from the week prior. However, if you are just starting out, a workshop in your area may be a good thing.

    At least download the LEED AP Handbook in the sidebar of this webpage, as it goes over how to sign up for the exam and how the test format will be. That, I think, is the best place to begin.

    Good luck!

  13. The links to the various charts listed under “memorize and write down these charts:” are not pathed correctly. Each link takes you to the Exemplary Performance/ID Threshold Chart. Can you relink or tell us where on the page the charts are coming from?


  14. Caitlin,

    Thank you so much for letting me know about the bad linkage. They are now fixed! Thanks!

  15. Thanks Pat,

    You make it seem like it is not very difficult! Two hours a day seems doable if I am committed. I completed the UD program at SFU in one year instaed of two (which was quite stressful) but could do it with a strong will power!

    I think taking the Workshop is not a great idea after all. LEED online classes may work out a btter option. I have started looking at and wow, you have a lot of useful info. thanks a bunch! I have printed the LEED AP handbook a while ago and did not do much after that.

    Is BuiltGreen comparable to LEED as a rating system? Thanks….


  16. In my opinion, it’s somewhat comparable, but it’s not as worldly recognized as LEED is, and I don’t believe it goes into as much detail. You can go to for answers to common questions about builtgreen.


  17. Thanks for all the tips Pat! I passed my LEED NC test today, because of your website I believe. Word is getting around, and I have friends on both coasts who are reviewing your site for their tests…

  18. Hi Pat,

    Am planning to give the LEED-AP exam in 4 to 6 weeks but am not sure if there are any testing centres in Vancouver, are there?
    Is there a deadline to take the exam for LEED (NC) before the 2009 version is launched?
    Woud like to buy your LEED AP walkthrough book with all the bonus material ASAP, do you charge for shipping in Vancouver?

    Please advice;
    thanks a bunch!

  19. Hi Rasika,

    I’ve spoken with people on who were taking the Canadian Version of the exam, and if I recall correctly, a few were actually from Vancouver. So it’s my best belief that there are test centers in your location, but to be sure, I recommend visiting the following webpage with (the test administrator for LEED), and contact them and ask if they have test centers for the LEED exam in Vancouver:

    My book is an electronic book, so it can be shipped to anywhere around the world electronically, therefore there’s no cost for shipping.

    Thanks and good luck!

  20. Hi Pat,
    Actually, I have just failed my test today. Got 158/200. The test was harder than I thought and also it was double hard for me as I’m not a native english speaker.
    But I’m glad I found your website today. Hopefully, I will pass the test next time, following your guidline and document.

    Also, I have a few questions to ask you.
    1-Do you know if I still can register to take NC2.2 Exam ? If so, do I need to take it with in this month?
    Actually, I really don’t know how much time do I have before they stop giving the test for NC2.2 version.

    2-I know that my score was pretty ugly but do you think it will be a bit crazy to take a test again that soon.( I mean with the next 2-3 weeks)

    Million Thanks.


  21. Hi Prisana,

    I’m sorry to hear that you failed the exam. I feel that taking the test again sooner than later (after a bit of studying, of course) is a good thing, so I really admire your plan.

    Here are my answers to your questions:

    1) You can still register for the exam. You’ll probably be able to register for the exam until March 2009, and then the new test will be administered around June – so basically you have plently of time.

    2) I think I answered this above. I think 2-3 weeks is good. It’s really up to you and how comfortable you feel though.

    Thanks and good luck!

  22. Thanks Pat,

    I have tried the prometric site but to find out if there is an examination site, the options are only cities within various states of USA and some international.

    Is there anyway of finding out for me which is the testing center in Vancouver? I would appreciate any help on this……;

    Anyone who has taken the exam in Vancouver, please write in with details of the exam center or a name/contact number who can answer my question.

    Thanks a bunch; I will soon be buying your electronic book Pat. I see that you also recommned the sample questions book……; Can I do without the LEED (NC)version 2.2 Reference Guide?



  23. Isn’t there a slightly different rating system for Canada? Not quite LEED, but very close. At least this is the impression I got when looking at the USGBC Colorado site.

  24. Hi Pat,
    Thank you for the reply Franco.

    I found out this testing center details in Vancouver for the LEED-AP exam from the CaGBC website:
    Site code: 6231
    Cambridge College-LTD

    Address: 454 4800 Kingsway Bunaby BC V5H 4J2

    For the LEED Canada NC exam is it version 1.0 or 2.2?

    Thanks and look forward to hear back…


  25. Hi Pat,

    I failed my exam yesterday 162/200, this is my 2nd time around,it was really hard for me because im not a native english speaker same thing happened to Rasika,they are trying to twist the question it is not exactly the way I thought.It is more on actual implementation in Indoor Environmental Quality & Energy Athmosphere,but i do not loose my hope… Im going to take another exam soon…. Im hoping I could pass this time around…..I know its a little bit expensive but im sure it will be worth in future….Please advice me what I should do to pass my next exam…Thanks & more power..

  26. Pat,

    How do you know that the 2.2 exam will continue into March 2009?

    I’m trying to cram for December 20th, but would prefer more time to study….are u sure about this timeline?

  27. @ Pilar,

    I’m sorry to hear you failed your exam. I do know that you’re gaining much experience with each test you take and you’ll become that much better next time around, so keep your head up and keep studying. If you haven’t already, please review this page here and follow all of the steps to help you:

    This should be a great way to get started on re-studying. Ask questions too, everyone here on is really friendly and willing to offer their help.

    @ Julio,

    You can review the timeline on the GBCI page here:

    Also, I watched the announcement from Greenbuild 2008 and basically the last time to sign up for the exam will be through March, and the last day to take the test and pass will be late April/early June. This is what they said at the conference, and based on the timeline it seems to be true.

    I’ll keep everyone updated once I get any more information.

  28. I passed the exam already! Just this morning!!!
    Thank you very much for your help and support, Pat!
    Also, big Thanks to your ‘Walk Through’ book. I wrote all your charts down during 10mins before test like you suggested! and it was really helpful.

    I can’t believe. It was just 2 weeks ago that that I failed the first try.

    Million Thanks to you again.
    YOu make me so happy


  29. Hi Prisana,

    CONGRATULATIONS! that is great news, you passed the LEED-AP exam; wow that is super!

    Do you want to resell the LEED-Walkthrough by any chance? or any other material that is relevant to passing the LEED exam?

    Pat, sorry I do not mean to come in the way of you making money, by all means you have a great webiste here and we thank you for it. However, since my employer is not funding anything and it has been my personal goal to pass the LEED-AP exam, I am looking for any material that maybe reused for a nominal price!

    Any disadvantages of giving the LEED-AP exam before the 2009 version is launched? Any advice?

    Thanks and all you brainy folks ut there have a great Christmas and enjoy the holidays!


  30. Please drop your ID , Probably I can help you.

    • do you think you will be able to help me out as i failed the 2nd time and would like to know any information i can get, thanks.

  31. Call me on my cell 604-603-5195; thanks!


  32. Did anyone take the bonus(5th exam) practice test from

    In my opinion,it was a lot harder than the other 4 exams (Pool A, B, C, D). I scored well on the last two, and then I took the bonus and did poorly. Just wanted to see if anyone else had the same experience.

  33. Thanks for the Great Site Pat! I am a LEEP AP!!!!

  34. I took the 5th exam test group from as well. I had been scoring in the high 70’s and low 80’s on the a,b,c and d groups……E kicked my butt in a big way. It was a bit of an alarm as it was only 48 hours till I took the LEED exam. I redoubled my studying, spending the last 48 hours locked in a room going over everything, got up early on exam day and took a practice test and I am happy to report I passed with a score of 189! I must say, the practice tests on were nearly identical in difficulty and content top the actual LEED exam. I highly recommend the online course (7 hours of material) and the practice tests.

  35. I just took the LEED AP NC exam this morning. I spent about the last two weeks studying the web based practice exams, along with the PPI LEED prep book. I dedicated between 4 and 10 hours a day, probably averaging about 6 hours a day for the last two weeks. I was scoring between 55 and 90 on each of the sections of the practice exams. Actually, I was pretty alarmed because the web site states that once you can consistently pass each section of the test with an 80%, you are ready. This morning just before the real exam I took the group E test and I received the following scores for each of the sections respectively: 55%, 56%, 60%, 56%. I had the experience before where I took a practice test at night and scored pretty high and then took another in the morning and scored much lower. My strategy today was to take a practice test in the morning just prior to the real test and I guess that helped. I passed the real test today with a score of 180. I received the following scores for each of the sections respectively: 71%, 83%, 80%, 64%. I think that the practice tests were great. The practice questions are a great way to prepare. I also did the 8 minute brain dump just before the exam started. I never even looked at what I wrote down, but actually writing it down is probably a good thing and a way to settle you down and prepare for the exam.

  36. I will be looking to take the test around March ’09. When will the study materials be out for the 2009 exams? And, If they are already out, what are they and do you know where I can get them? Thank you.

  37. Pat,
    I have registered LEED exam and is in April 2009. Am I going to sit for the current format or the new 2009 format?



  38. @ Daniel: The Study Material is presumed to come out fairly soon, and at the latest in March so that people can prepare for the new version. I’ll let you all know when I find out more information.

    @Loy: You will be sitting for the current version, LEED for NC v.2.2. The new exam for LEED 2009 will not be implemented until summer, probably around June.

  39. Pat,

    I understand that the main difference between the current version and the new LEED 2009 is that a) there will be many more credits to know, and, b) those who have not been accredited under the current version will need to be re-accredited every two years (that means taking the exam again every two years!).

    Maybe you could confirm?

  40. Pat,

    Just passed the LEED NC exam today. Started studying 5 days ago and put in about 40-50 hours since. It was a lot of studying, but nice to have it done within one weeks time. I definitely could not have done it without the help and guidance on this website. Thanks for all the hard work. I’ll be sure to donate once I actually make some money out in the field. Start work June 1st, can’t wait!!

  41. Pat-

    i just passed the leed nc exam yesterday. about 80% of my study material was sourced from your intheleed website. i spent the first 15 minutes of the exam writing out all of the credits which was a huge help while taking the exam. thank you very much for all the time spent creating this website and breaking the information down into a easy format for review.

    all the best.


  42. Hey Pat,
    I just wanted to thank you for the time and effort you put into this site. It was a HUGE help to me. I spent four days solid…probably 40-50 hours from start to finish studying for the exam. I passed on my first try with a 191! I couldn’t have done it without the well thought out tables and study tips you provide. Keep up the good work. You are a green machine!

  43. O.k I did the most stupidest thing ever!! i was all set to write down all the important things before my exam when I kept on clicking on next and it asked are you finished and I accidentally clicked on it and my real exam started. So, I never got a chance to write all my brain dumps!! LOL

  44. LEED and I: How not to prepare for LEED NC Exam

    It must have been sometime in the year 2001 when the word “LEED” entered my peripheral vocabulary. My friend SP was in Oakland to establish a branch office in Northern California. SP asked me if I knew what LEED was. I did not know. He passionately explained to me the philosophy behind LEED, and then spread out a number of manuals in front of me. I looked at the material half-heartedly, as I had other things going on in life and was not interested in investing my time in a new green program. Very quickly I forgot everything about LEED I heard from SP or gathered from a quick skim of LEED manuals–everything except the fact that LEED wants you to use regional material.
    My professional mechanical consulting engineering life went on with LEED existing on the fringes of consciousness. But voices citing LEED were gaining strength, I became aware of the fact that you could take an exam and become a LEED accredited professional. But none of my clients ever asked me if I was a LEED AP. Then last year that is in 2008, I provided my professional services to Applied Materials (AMAT). AMAT was in the process of LEED certification of its existing buildings. My help was sought in earning the Energy and Atmosphere (EA) credits. It was then that I read through the LEED-EB scorecard and became more familiar with the rating system. Then came recession and I found a lot of time at my hand. I decided to earn the LEED accreditation. But I procrastinated, till I found out that the LEED version 2.2 I was somewhat familiar with, would be superseded by a newer version and I needed to register for the 2.2 version exam by the end of March. A lot of people prepare for the LEED exam by first studying the material and then scheduling the exam. That was not going to work for me. I needed a deadline, a goal, a target date. So I registered for LEED NC exam on Monday, March 30, 2009, just one day before the deadline to register for v2.2–I could register only after completing my tax return work. I scheduled to take the exam on Monday, May 4 at 12 Noon at the Prometric office in San Jose. Why Monday? Because my babysitting duties end on Sunday–they start Friday evening. Why 12 Noon? Because it would give me some time to start a relaxed morning and easily reach the exam site without any stress. I now had more than a month to study.
    After registering for the exam I started studying, but not right away. I got the LEED NC 2.2 reference guide on Friday, April 10. I quickly realized how long it had been that I had read anything with focus and had retained my attention on the document. I read the chapter on Sustainable Sites lying in bed. I did not take any notes telling myself I only needed to have an overall understanding of the material without getting into the nitty gritty. So, SS prerequisite and credits, along with their intents, requirements, calculations, submittal documentation, and strategies were all reviewed in a couple of hours–that must have been on Saturday, April 11. Then on Monday, April 13, I did similarly justice to IAQ. The chapter on Materials and Resources was read sitting on a bench in the Children Discovery Museum, while the children played. Summary reading of Water Efficiency and Energy & Atmosphere followed. Then I took a sample test and the result felt like a hard kick in the butt. I found out how ill-prepared I was and I was going to be for the exam, with my erstwhile strategy. I decided to make an Excel file of all information I would gather while reading the reference guide. My study took a more serious approach, but then I realized I had already wasted a lot of time. The exam was on May 4, just over two weeks out. I decided I would take two sample exams before April 26 and then take the USGBC Colorado Chapter sample exam on Monday, April 27. If I did not score over 80% in those exams, I would reschedule. So here I am. Today is April 28 and the exam is on May 4. I have scored just over 50% in the sample exams. I must reschedule and do it before the end of tomorrow (Wednesday)–the rescheduling fee is $30. But when should I take the exam? I need to take it before June 30 and I should take it on a Monday or Tuesday. But when? It is not a question to you, it is a question to myself, and I am pretty sure having written all this I would come up with an answer soon.

  45. If there was 1 person like you for every 1,000 being in this planet, we could call this paradise!
    Thank you for all you do for humanity, really.

  46. Thank you for all the tips. I will take my test in two weeks time. Will we be able to keep the piece of paper we do our braindump on throughout the test and look at it for reference?

  47. Pat,

    Thank you for this great website, good references and tips. It really helped my preparation for the exam. I passed the exam this morning ;=)

    Thank you!

  48. did the brain dump. great idea, but it did not help me too much since I already had the material down pretty well. I wrote all of the MR % down including EP’s, the Standards, and the MR4 standards.

    Took the test today. No questions on points, point totals, how many points in each category, etc. Very few questions in EA other than what is ASHRAE 90.1, and a few questions about how EA1, EA2 and EA6 relate. TONS of MR questions, TONS of EQ, Many WE. Few EA. Few ID, Few SS, most of which were on SSc6.1 and seemed to tie into rainwater harvesting. One question on design v. construction submittal.

    Not one question regarding any of the prerequisites, how they relate, the fact that ALL are required. As a matter of fact, not one was ever referenced, even as an answer choice.

    NO questions on increased ventilation, none on Views, none on thermal comfort other than what is ASHRAE 62.1.

    At least 5 questions involving Construction IAQ Plan.

    4 questions on CIR’s.

    Get this: at least 4 questions involving FSC wood, chain of custody.

    Pat’s “Lightning Round” on LEED process was awesome, really helped. I am not a good test taker. I studied 1-2 hours every day for 5 weeks, and a couple of 2-3 hour sessions the last week, took 3 80-question sample exams, and landed a 196.

    Once again, not a good test taker, paranoid, and nervous: I thought the test was WAY easier than I expected. WAY easier than almost any practice test I took. Very little trickery and super clear questions. I got 25 questions into it and said, “are you serious”. That helped having easy questions to start. Most of them were 1 answer type of questions.

    Anyway, I am really excited. I was getting a lot of pressure from my clients to be an AP so they could pitch me as an AP in presentations.

    Guys: If I can do it so can you. Study hard, really KNOW the material.

    If you can, get on an actual project on LEED On-line, and surf around. It will make more sense. Familiarize yourself with the credit templates that are available to all. Read them, and the submittal requirements (yards, pounds, sf, maps, FTE’s, gallons, $$, etc.) will make way more sense.

    Anyway, good luck.

  49. Thanks so much for this great website! I passed the test on my first try this morning! I almost psyched myself out with the added pressure that is I fail this, I would have to take the newer and apparently more difficult version.

    I did the same brain dump that Barefooter Roy did above. I wrote ASHRAE, phase chart, WIMSEE, and all the MR exemp. perform. percentages. I wrote a few more EP criteris before my time ran out and the test began.

    I happened to have found the test very difficult. Similar in question type to the greenexamprep practice tests, but about 75% had multiple answers. There were a lot of questions about LEED online and the project administrator’s role and responsibilities, surprisingly. Many questions on synergies. The rest is now a blurr to me.

    I highly recommend the practice tests from green exam prep. Oh so helpful. I hadn’t studied so much until about 2 weeks ago when I pounded it every day. It’s important to stay positive and keep studying and not get scared from all the memorizing.

    Good luck to all and thanks again for all the help!

  50. Hi Pat,

    Just wanted to say thanks for the great resource. I took the LEED-CI exam today and passed with a score of 199! There is such an immense amount of information in the reference guide, and your site helped me to focus in on the key points to study. And thanks also for the info on the 2009 changeover…so much clearer than info I’ve found elsewhere. Keep up the good work!

  51. I am taking my test on the 27 and I have to admit that I am getting a little nervous. I am taking the practice exams and I started out at about 40% a few weeks ago, and reviewed all of my wrong answers and studied all the credits that I was having issues with. Now I have taken test pools A B C and D about three times and have been consistently been scoring 75% / 85%. Today I took the bonus exam E and scored a 55%.

    My concern is that the exams are loosing their effectiveness because I am just memorizing the answers to the particular questions. OR is pool E just that much harder than the other pools?

    Does anyone have any comments? Pleas? Before I take my test next week.

  52. I am taking the practice exams and scoring roughly from 70% to 81%. Is this a passing rate for the actual LEED-NC exam? How many questions can you get incorrect on the exam in order to pass? I know it’s graded on a curve but want to know how many I can miss and still pass. Thanks in advance, Hina

  53. I am scoring in the range of 50% in the practice exams, does that mean that I am not prepared?
    Are these exams easier than the actual test?

  54. Passed LEED NC 2.2 today with a 180! Thanks for the website, Pat…INCREDIBLE source for direction and resources. Will reccomend to anybody seeking LEED professional accredidation.

  55. Amy
    pool E was a lot harder to me. i got 80% and 81% last week for first tries on pools A and B. so i kept studying, did pool E on saturday for the first time and got 73%, which scared me because i’m taking the test this week. but then on sunday i took pool C for the first time (i didn’t do them in order) and got 88%. from what i have read, however, the actual test can be either easier or harder and it’s important not to get psyched out. from what i understand, the test is scored on a curve. when they developed the test they gave it to a bunch of people and realized that some versions of the test were harder than others. but rather than shuffle the questions around to try and make the test versions all the same difficulty, they just take your score and bump it up a little if you took a difficult version or down if you took an easy version. hope this helps.

  56. Predo, I got a score of 184 on the LEED test. I took all the Greenprep’s and my score averaged 65-70. The actual test questions will not be related directly to the greenprep’s but the you finding out and reading the answers will help you understand the subject more.

    I did not really read the Refernce Guide that well, Pat’s notes are sufficient.

  57. Well, this website is an excellent tool, I passed my exam (179 only, but passed). I have one advise to people that is studying it, keep doing the practice tests, it will for sure help you.

  58. I’m testing tomorrow!

    I’m not an engineer or an architect. I have a B.S. in Environmental Science and an M.A. in Journalism; I’m a communications professional at an engineering firm. I went into this with NO experience. I’ve been studying HARD-CORE for months, including some 12+hr hour days, nights and weekends. I have a job and toddler twins.

    This site has been SO helpful. I read the entire NC reference guide, made my own study sheets, read the Colorado guide, and bought the greenexampprep practice tests. First time through all the tests I was getting in the 70s. Retaking them, and the Colorado test, I’m in the mid-90s. I am STILL PETRIFIED. I feel like there are things I’m missing and I keep having serious anxiety attacks. Anyone with relaxation tips???

  59. I just wanted to thank you Pat for this amazing website!!!!! I took my test this last weekend and I passed with flying colors!

    RE: TwinsMommy, I think that you will do great! Just take a deep breath when you start to think about taking the test, and when you do take your test treat it like the practice exams that you are doing so well on!

  60. I’ll be among the last to take the LEED AP exam. I took it this morning, and passed! I’ve been taking practice exams and scoring in the 67-72% range, but scored in the upper 80s on the real thing 🙂

  61. I meant to say, Pat, thanks so much for the Walk Through; the book was great, but the audio was invaluable – I listed to it countless times while commuting, and give it a lot of credit for helping implant what I needed to know. Studying the RG was also important, but this site was a big help. The ASHRAE and SWIMEE charts were also awesome. For what it’s worth, I got 190 on the exam.

    • So is there any source of audio books or practice tests that are Free, or did you buy the audio book?



  62. Thank you so much! Like Rudy said, the walkthrough guide was great, but the audio was truly invaluable. I listened to it daily while commuting and it really helped! I also was able to direct several colleagues here for helpful information too.

    greenexamprep practice tests were extremely helpful too, but I never blew them out of the water, so I was nervous going into the exam yesterday. I was scoring mid 70’s on them most of the time.

    I took the exam yesterday – passed with a 186!

  63. Pat,
    So I pass LEED Canada NC 1 today in my first attempt. Score 191!!!
    Your site and postings at this site was a good helpfull.I must say exam was not easy, you need thorough understanding of all pre req and cerdits and LEED certification, registration CIR procedure.

    Thanks Pat for this website!!!

  64. did you fell nervous when you done your exam

    • Hi Bonita,

      Yes, I was a little nervous, but I knew going in that I had spent as much time as I could memorizing as much as I could, so I was confident I was going to pass. Still, there’s always that thought that you just might not. All the best to you! Good luck on yours!

  65. I am studying to take the LEED-AP O+M exam in mid April. Does the reference guide contain all the information I need to know? I am also taking a pre-exam course about a month before the test. Did I leave myself enough time between the pre-exam course and the test to study?

  66. i’m presently in grad school getting my M.SC in environmental Sciences. I just want to know if the leeds exam is applicable to my profession because it seems its mainly for engineers and architects. Would you advice i take the test? what stage or what part of d exam do i start with?

  67. Hi Pat,

    I am planning on taking the LEED GA Exam and I don’t know where to start. I’ve been searching the web and just see $$$ I have a coworker who took the exam and passed it but they are a bit weird about sharing their info., they paid $700 for preping for it and I don’t want to pay that much. Is there a link or a cheap place where I can get a hold of the study material. I don’t think your weblink works anymore. Can you help? Thanks a bunch!

  68. local libraries can supply free whatever books you need, worst case is that if it’s not on the shelf you might have to wait a few days while they ship it in from their network.
    In the case of it not being stocked they’ll buy it and in that case add a couple of weeks to the wait ~ plan ahead and save a dollar
    Plan ahead and save


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I passed the lead exam yesterday thanks to your website. It is by far the most helpful out there! Your brain dump idea was GENIUS! I am telling everyone in my company about the site. You need to write a book…LEED for Dummies or The Idiot’s Guide to LEED. Your information is essential to passing the exam!


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